My Why

I have been on a journey to learn about my body and why it’s been so difficult for me to conceive. In November of 2018, I went to the ER for abdominal pains. To our shock and surprise, we found out that I was ten weeks pregnant, and I needed emergency surgery. I was told that my pregnancy was ectopic and that I would need to have my right fallopian tube removed. After this surgery, my body DID NOT do what the doctors said it would and no one had answers. I didn’t quite understand how my body was working. Some suggested a few apps that would help me track my ovulation, and that opened my world to ovulation tracking! However, the apps also brought in mass confusion. One app would say that I was ovulating one week, and the other would say another week. Then, one would classify my cramping as a possible disease, and another had poor cervical mucus tracking. I was FRUSTRATED, to say the least!

That is when I began to track by hand. I not only track my ovulation sticks twice a day, but I track my CM (cervical mucus) and my BBT (basal body temperature) daily. I have been able to take my journal to my OB/GYN and have them see exactly and clearly what my body has been doing. I also began to journal my feelings, thoughts, and prayers. The road to conceiving isn’t always an easy one. Not only does it take a toll on your body, but on your mind. Journaling became such an incredible release for me, and I firmly believe that it will do the same for you as well.

This journal was created to assist you in understanding how your body works in a simple and effective form! This is for all of the women out there who are just trying their best to conceive. Women who are trying to understand how their bodies work. The women who are trying to heal after a loss. We are in this together. This is for you.